My doctor wanted me to go to his therapy center. Do I have a choice?

Yes you do have a choice. Patients have the right to choose where they go for therapy just like you choose your own drug store or location for Lab work.

I have not heard of physical therapy for TMJ. What do you do?

Physical therapy addresses the restrictions of the soft tissues surrounding the TMJ. For pain free function, movement must be identical in both the right and left joint. The techniques I use restore joint mobility, improve gliding of the intra-articular disc, and correct muscular imbalances contributing to TMJ dysfunction. Treatment of the TMJ is a complex specialty that requires dentist, physical therapists, oral surgeons and often orthodontists to communicate about the specifics of each case. Effective treatment in this area requires advanced skills in both analysis and treatment. While experience is essential, not only have I treated TMJ dysfunction since 1995 I have also taught my techniques in continuing education seminars to other therapists across the country.

My child has a chance to get a college scholarship but just had an injury requiring surgery. What is the difference between a sports therapist and a general PT?

To compete at an elite level after surgery requires knowledge of the particular surgery (and its precautions) as well as sport specific training to optimize results. Many orthopedic procedures’ have a critical window of time to regain motion, once this window passes significant gains in motion are much harder to attain. A sports therapist usually has more experience and skills to restore motion as quickly and as safely as possible. Once attained the training regimen should incorporate the entire body. Our philosophy is not to just get patients back to play but competing at a level that was equal to or exceeding what they did in the past.

Do I need a physician referral to be seen?

No, you do not need a physician referral to be seen by a physical therapist in North Carolina. However, most insurance companies will only cover your visits with a physician signature agreeing with the plan of care established by a therapist.


I have a high deductible how much will I have to pay out of pocket?

High deductibles are a common challenge with healthcare today where patients have to pay the first $2000 to over $12000 of their medical care before insurance kicks in. For patients meeting  up-front deductibles,  we apply an automatic discount for patients paying in full on the same day as their appointment.

What if I don't have insurance but need your service?

No insurance no problem. Again in these cases we apply an automatic discount from our standard fees to all uninsured patients paying at time of service. If you want to break up your payments over three months we can do so with a credit card.

Can you just accept my insurance and not collect my co-pay or coinsurance?

No, it is illegal for a provider to write off co-payments or co-insurance without the patient filing for financial hardship.

What is the difference between Co-payment and Co-insurance?

Patient responsibilities are either a percentage of contracted rates which is co-insurance or if you pay a flat dollar amount at each time of visit then that is considered a co-payment policy.

I was requested to verify my benefits with the member phone number on my insurance card. Isn't that the offices job?

When a provider verifies benefits about 15% of the time we are given the wrong information. By calling your member benefits number, your specific account directly accessed. Within 3-5 minutes will know your benefits, your specific responsibility for each visit, and even how much of your deductible has been met. Accuracy at this stage prevents unexpected bills that could be hundreds of dollars more than expected.


What is your privacy policy?

What is your privacy policy?

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