Headaches & TMJ Pain

A Message About Your TMJ

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"The temporomandibular joint is one of the most complex joints in your body.  Pain, spasm and headaches associated with TMJ dysfunction can be devastating. As a physical therapist my goal is to reduce spasm, improve posture and eliminate the headaches associated with TMD.  Over 90% of my patients notice an improvement within a few days."

Kevin Kucko MAPT, ATC Director

Common Symptoms Involving the TMJ


Jaw and facial pain 

Pain with chewing 

Clicking or locking with use

Limited opening

 Pain during the course of orthodontic correction

Understanding Headaches & Jaw Pain

Muscle spasm and joint tightness are the most common complications associated with headaches and TMJ pain.  These soft tissue restrictions can limit opening, cause pain and headaches and prevent the joint from moving properly. Our hands on techniques have proven results decreasing pain in 93% of our clients. By eliminating soft tissue restrictions around the head, neck and jaw symmetrical mechanics is often restored.  Our  innovative treatment allows our patients to see gains in just a few visits.

Tight muscles are often the cause of jaw pain and headaches

Our techniques will reduce muscle tension and improve circulation 

Ask about our 890 Laser treatment for chronic headaches

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