Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

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What Are the Benefits of Post-Surgical Physical Therapy?

Surgery takes a significant toll on the human body. Even if your surgery goes well, you may have to spend weeks and possibly months in recovery because of the procedure’s lingering effects. The period immediately following your surgery may be among the toughest stretches of your life. You can make it easier to navigate by going through post-surgical physical therapy.

Why is post-surgical physical therapy so important for recovering patients? The main benefit it provides is speeding up your recovery timeline. Instead of spending several months in recovery, you can trim that timeline down quite a bit by working closely with a physical therapist.

The shorter recovery timeline may be the main selling point of post-surgical physical therapy, but it’s far from the only benefit. Integrating that therapy regimen into your routine should also strengthen your muscles. By the time you’re fully recovered, your muscles will ideally be pretty close to their pre-injury form in terms of strength level.

Post-surgical physical therapy is also known for having positive effects on mobility. Your joints and muscles won’t necessarily grow stiffer even if you have to rest more than normal if you get on a physical therapy program. Maintaining your range of motion throughout recovery is also critical because it will help you stay in shape.

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When Is the Best Time to Start Your Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Regimen?

After deciding that you want to undergo physical therapy following surgery, you now have to determine the starting point for that treatment. When it comes to physical therapy, the best option is almost always to start as soon as possible.

Immediately starting your physical therapy regimen is beneficial because it prevents your body from deteriorating. Your muscles and joints may still possess decent strength soon after your surgery. Instead of starting from scratch, you can begin your physical therapy regimen from a more advanced point.

Coordinate with your surgeon and physical therapist to determine the earliest possible date for starting your regimen.

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