Physical Therapy

What We Do

Physical therapists use hands-on techniques combined with exercise to restore mobility, strength  and maximize function. From school-aged to seniors we get our clients to perform at their fullest potential. Following your thorough evaluation and analysis physical therapists not only identify areas to be improved but also have the hands-on skills to restore function as quickly and safely as possible.

Post-Surgery -  Proper rehabilitation following a surgery can provide the best result  allowing our patients to get the most out of liies require a protective phase to allow proper healing.  Experienced therapists know when the proper time is to concentrate on range of motion,  starting active movement and when to develop strength, power and coordination.

Spinal Surgery - After a period of protection has passed physical therapy may help patients eliminate residual pain, improve strength and restore function. By restoring flexibility and strengthening to the supporting muscles around your spinal surgery, patients can prevent complications and get the most from their surgical repair.

Neck and Back Pain - can be some of the most debilitation conditions causing time lost from work and family.  Our program emphasizes early active treatment for acute injuries. Combined with hands on techniques to restore segmental mobility we minimize muscle spasm, restore mobility and allow our patients to return to their normal routine over 70% faster than traditional management.  Our program is supported by a 5 year study that is requested by many case managers and employers that wanting the best care for their employees.

Safety for Seniors - Physical therapy and help reverse the age related decline in strength, range of motion and safety.  While declines often result in lack of use, we quickly identify problem areas that create the greatest risk concerns for our patients.  We not only treat patients but often work with their families to ensure the safest course of treatment and the proper follow through at home to keep our clients safe and active.