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e-Visits and Teletherapy


     Manage your rehabilitation individually  

     Under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist

     Reducing the risk of unnecessary contact

For an Appointment Call:   704 360-2595

When is teletherapy appropriate?

There is no substitute for the hands on care that is delivered by an in person physical therapy session.  However exercise and exercise progression is an important part of physical therapy.  Having your movement analyzed and exercise progressed by the supervision of a licensed physical or sports physical therapist can help speed your recovery while minimizing the risk of injury by adding the wrong exercise.

What you need to know:

You will be required to have smartphone, tablet or webcam for a video appointment.  Standard phone call visits are also an option if you do not have video availability. To get the most from your session we need to see how you move, have your camera set up in a manner that you can step back and we can see your whole body.  After discussing your case, our licensed sports physical therapists will run you through some activities where we can see how your condition is affecting your function.  From there you will receive a list of exercises and techniques to address your limitations. 

Quick Tip- Learn how to use the screen recording function on your device to record exercises

What you need to do:

To schedule a teletherapy visit all patients need to fill out the teletherapy form below.  The history will save time allowing your therapist to be familiar with your case before your session starts. You will be able to request an appointment time that fits your schedule. Just remember that K2 Sports Therapy is on East Coast time (EST) when requesting an appointment. 

Once you complete the Teletherapy intake form you will be directed to the contact us page where your form will attach to your case. 



How long to teletherapy sessions last?  

New patients can expect the session to last about 20-30 min.  Existing patients can expect sessions to last 15-20 minutes.

What is the cost per session?

New patients appointments are $45/session and Sessions for established patients are $20/session

Can I request a therapist?

Absolutely, Check out our staff bio's to see who you think would be a good fit.

What can I expect after my session?

You will be given a list of exercises and instructions  to start you on your way.  Keep in mind a physical therapists job is a bit more challenging when not done in person. We expect that the  advice we give will help move you in the right direction.  If you are no better after the first plan we can move on to the next most probable approach.  Complete your plan as directed.

What K2 is doing to protect you in therapy:

      • Taking temperatures. We use an infrared thermometer to take the temperatures of all staff, patients and family
      • Wipe down procedures with disinfectants proven to kill corona viruses 
      • Wipe down equipment before and after use 
  • Distance Scheduling decrease patient volumes to keep patients 15 ft apart
  • Text from Parking lot waiting