Sports Rehabilitation

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Don't just Rehabilitate...

Return to DOMINATE!

"For over 20 years I have worked with athletes from School-Age to the NFL. As a Sports Therapist I have specialized training, experience and skills that allow my clients to recover as quickly and as safely as possible.  My competitive athletes often return to form far better than they were prior to their injury.  I often get that call when you can't afford to make a mistake in your rehabilitation."

Kevin Kucko MAPT, ATC. Director K2-Sports Therapy and Performance.

Excelling in any sport requires getting your body prepared.Your sport, position and even your event have specific demands. In baseball, pitching and batting requires power from your hips, trunk and of course your shoulders. Running and endurance events require efficiency with gait. Subtle limitations in mechanics can cause knee, hip and back problems with the cause originating at heel strike. Limited spinal mobility is the most common area where golfers and improve their game. Our skills in manual treatment and progressive rehabilitation will ensure that you recover with the best possible result with a minimal risk of complication.

Sports Perfomance - Playing up to your potential

If you have the heart we will take care of the rest...

Through video analysis we evaluate the ability of your body to perform your sport. This allows quick identification of areas that can be improved and training recommendations are also provided. Components of speed, agility, and power are the focal points of this program. We work with coaches, trainers and pro’s to devise a program to help you can reach your greatest abilities. Individual training sessions are also available with this program. While many of our sports performance clients’ are former patients this program is available to everyone. No referral is needed.

See What Our Patients Are Saying...

"I am really impressed with my experience today at K2. I got a same day appointment, in network, some education, good banter, great treatment and a better shot at a faster recovery. Given Kevins' experience athletic training in the NFL I'm pretty sure my physical therapy was on par with what I'd get if I played for the Carolina Panthers... But I am just a regular dude with a sprained ankle!"  

Mike T.

"Our daughter was facing a career ending ACL injury going into her senior year.  After two surgeries and failed therapy we went to Kevin at K2-Sports .  Kevin didn't just provide therapy, he got her motivated to work hard and return to Soccer.  By the time spring season came she was running faster and playing harder than before her surgery"

Sidney F

"My daughter is a NCAA Division 1 swimmer. In her sophmore year she had a torn Labrum that we thought would end competitive swimming.  After meeting with Kevin he let us know if we wanted to stop swimming that was fine but it won't be because your shoulder is not up to it.  Kevin was great talking to the surgeon and college trainers.  The next season she returned and recorded persnal bests at her conference finals."


"After my surgery I was not sure if I would be able to return to Division 1 competition. Kevin took a personal interest in making sure that I was ready to return and even checked on me throughout the season."

TJ, Cornelius, NC